We help you create

world-class startups

that scale globally.

The UK MENA Hub Pre-Accelerator

Our pre-accelerator programme is designed to help aspiring entrepreneurs think globally from day one.


Using Lean Startup principles and obsessively focused on customer validation, our pre-accelerator programme introduces your startups to the techniques and strategies they need to move from idea to a dynamic, scaling company.


Pre-accelerator features:


  • From one to four weeks in duration, we build the programme based on your goals and resources.

  • We can bring the pre-accelerator programme to you, or alternatively can be part of a market immersion programme in London.

  • Totally customisable, our pre-accelerator is designed to match your specific commercial or economic development goals.


Our pre-accelerator can support companies in any technology vertical, with specialised programmes for students, researchers and corporate innovators.

Post Accelerator Growth Programmes

Created for young technology companies with a local track record or seed funding, our post-accelerator programmes focus on market penetration, international strategy and funding.


Designed to complement existing accelerators, we provide a foothold into London, an international launchpad for global businesses. From here, your ventures will have the resources, knowledge, connections and capital access to allow them to scale globally.


Co-hosted in your market and in our Central London location, our Global Growth programmes focus on:


  • Customer acquisition, retention and revenue generation;

  • Legal and strategic support for international growth, including human resources and company set-up;

  • Access to key customers and funders, including corporate partners.

The UK MENA Hub post-accelerator helps your companies bridge the gap between startup and global growth.

Accelerator and Incubator Design

As experts in the fields of seed acceleration and business incubation, we create bespoke programmes built for your market and your entrepreneurs.

Our approach encompasses the entire entrepreneurial journey, from ideation to first funding. In addition, we are able to support our programmes with access to a global network of mentors and advisors.

Specifically, the UK MENA Hub can:

  • Design and operate sector-specific accelerators and incubators, across all technology verticals;

  • Connect graduate companies to new markets through our London Growth Hub;

  • Build capacity in your community through our training and development.

Our services include expert sessions with the GGH team. From one hour to a few days,  We can help guide your project, analyze your programmes and put your organisation in the best position to support high-growth entrepreneurs.