UK MENA Tech Summit

Microsoft Reactor London

July 3-4, 2019

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Connecting UK MENA Tech Ecosystem

The UK MENA Tech Summit is an exclusive, invitation-only summit. To be held July 4th, 2019 in Central London, the summit seeks to raise awareness of the increasingly important role the MENA region plays in the global venture community, and improve connectivity, knowledge share and deal flow between the venture communities in the Middle East, United Kingdom, and Europe.

The Summit

The UK MENA Tech Summit brings together the leading investment groups, trade zones, government agencies and corporates from the Middle East, UK and Europe. 

The Forum’s goal is to improve the flow and quality of investment activity between three of the worlds leading hubs for investments, innovation and talent:

  • Raising awareness of the funds and services that exist and the roles they play in MENA, UK, and Europe

  • Strengthen alliance and forge new ties between MENA investors and the UK
    and Europe 


  • Highlight the dynamic nature
    of the Middle East and expanding opportunities for investors

Venue: City of London
July 3
Opening Reception
July 4
Keynote speakers & panelists from VC, tech and investment sectors.
July 5
Scale-Up showcase Partnership discussions Networking sessions.
Forum Audience

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Please note: this is an invite-only event.

Hosted in Central London, the UK MENA Forum will feature keynote presentations from thought leaders from both regions, curated panel discussions, receptions and ample time for networking and relationship building.

The UK MENA Tech Summit is created by the UK MENA Hub, a London-based accelerator helping MENA technology companies scale in the UK and Europe, and helping European tech achieve success across MENA.

Delegates to the UK MENA Tech Summit include:


  • Global investors, VC’s, Family & Sovereign offices.

  • Government organizations, including Free Zones, Economic Development Boards, Policy and Research Institutes. 

  • Corporate Venture Funds.