Canvas anyone?

Virginia Tech Student Programme, 2019

We love canvases. They are collaborative, they are easy to understand, and it looks like you are doing actual work (we'll come back to that.) We have Alexander Osterwalder to thank of course; perhaps someone else canvassed first, but he is the one that got the Canvas idea into the consciousness of entrepreneurship.

My challenge has always been taking his canvas and making it actionable. I find there's too much stuff on it, stuff that needs to be broken down into actionable stuff. So I created my own, which I released as part of a programme in Dublin for Virginia Tech University's Pamplin School of Business. Over the next few weeks,

​I'll be releasing the Canvases via Creative Commons and giving some of the theory and practical stuff that went into them. I hope that you'll find them helpful and an excellent complement to the work of Osterwalder and his team.